How To Insure Jewelry: Keeping Your Valuables Safe


Is homeowners insurance enough to keep your precious jewelry and other valuables safe in case of an incident? Find out how to insure jewelry with the Feltner Group.

Valuables – everyone has them. Whether it be an engagement or wedding ring or a timeless family heirloom passed down through the generations, most folks worry about what could happen if these items are stolen or damaged. Thankfully, insurance can protect your items and offer peace of mind. The only question is – what kind of insurance do you need? 

While homeowners insurance is designed to protect the contents of your home, coverage may be limited as it applies to jewelry or valuables. With the help of Travelers Insurance, we set out to answer some common questions around how to insure jewelry and provide a few tips for making sure you have the insurance you need on your valuables. 

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Jewelry and Valuable Items?

Homeowners insurance may provide limited coverage amounts for lost jewelry or valuable items based on the type of item and cause of loss. Valuable items coverage may provide the protection you need for your valuable possessions in the event of covered loss from, for example, theft or fire.

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Engagement Rings and Wedding Rings?

Homeowners insurance alone may not sufficiently cover your engagement rings and wedding rings. People who own valuable possessions may need broader coverage than a basic homeowners policy provides. The good news is that there is additional protection available that may help cover the cost of a lost or stolen engagement ring or wedding ring. All you need to do is review your homeowners policy and see what additional steps you could take.

How To Determine If You Need Additional Coverage

Step 1 – Read your homeowners policy. Know what your policy covers and your coverage limits. And remember, certain high-value items may not be adequately covered.

Step 2 – Make a list of the valuable items you want to protect. This might include jewelry, artwork, silverware, golf clubs, or other items of significant value.

Step 3 – Assign a value to each of them. If you’re not sure, consider having the items appraised and get the total combined value of all the items you want to insure. Keep in mind that insurance carriers may require a written appraisal or receipt to verify the value of these items.

Step 4 – Consider increasing your coverage. Talk with your insurance agent about what it will cost to add the appropriate coverage to your homeowners policy to adequately cover your valuables. Chances are, you’ll find the cost is pretty reasonable.

Ask your agent for a quote on a Personal Article Floater insurance policy or Jewelry Insurance. These can be a good choice when the value of a single item exceeds the applicable limits of your homeowners policy or when you have a significant number of valuable items to insure.

What Does Jewelry Insurance Cover?

Jewelry insurance covers valuable items from jewelry to collectibles if they are stolen or damaged in a covered event. A typical homeowners insurance policy may not cover, or provide enough coverage for, those valuable items. When considering how to insure jewelry, consider “jewelry and valuable items coverage” to help give you peace of mind.

Adding Jewelry Coverage to Homeowners Insurance

Available as an add-on coverage to homeowners insurance, a Valuable Items Plus endorsement can offer higher limits on certain types of valuables and expanded protection. Unlike the Personal Article Floater policy, where items are individually listed, the Valuable Items Plus endorsement provides blanket coverage that affords protection for a class of property collectively, such as jewelry insurance coverage, up to a certain amount. This coverage insures against many risks, such as lost jewelry.

Protecting your jewelry and other valuables can often be an easy and affordable option depending on your needs. Whether you just need coverage for your jewelry or want insurance for multiple valuables, The Feltner Group offers a variety of options. Reach out to get an insurance quote for your diamond, wedding or engagement ring, or any other valuables you may want to protect.