Snowmobile & ATV Insurance

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Snowmobile & ATV Insurance
What it is

In Western NY, we love to connect with the great outdoors, no matter what Mother Nature throws at us. ATVs and snowmobiles abound in our area. So if you blast through muddy creeks on your four-wheeler or zip through the snowy pines on your sled, you should consider protecting the valuable vehicles that make it possible. Don't be another uninsured motorist, as the State of New York calls it; instead, get comprehensive snowmobile insurance coverage through the Feltner Group today.

Snowmobile & ATV Insurance
Costs & coverages

ATV and snowmobile insurance is similar to auto insurance in that you typically have coverage for bodily injury liability as well as comprehensive and collision coverages and even potential medical payments. Even comprehensive policies tend to be relatively inexpensive and can often be paired with your existing carrier in home and auto packages, allowing for additional multi-policy discounts.

Personal Insurance | Umbrella Insurance | Snowmobile Insurance
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Snowmobile & ATV Insurance
Why you need it

While you may only use these vehicles a handful of times during the season, they certainly aren’t cheap to fix or replace. So what if your ATV got stolen? Or a tree fell on your snowmobile? We can make sure those are properly protected, too. Towing and labor coverage is even a possibility.

Additionally, snowmobiles and ATVs do pose significant liability risks. Consider these statistics:

  • New York State has the 8th highest mortality rate from ATV-related accidents in the United States. (source)
  • There were over 100,000 ATV related severe injuries in 2016 alone. (source)
  • Each year, snowmobile accidents cause approximately 200 deaths and 14,000 serious injuries. (source)

If you were uninsured and found responsible in some way for an incident like these, the courts would strip your personal assets to settle the lawsuit. In this way, just like with auto accidents, the personal injury liability associated with these fast-moving vehicles is immense, and coverage is essential.

As an independent insurance agency, The Feltner Group will help you get the best liability coverage and damage coverage possible. Get your comprehensive coverages quote today by filling out the form below.

As independent brokers, we work for our clients, not the insurance companies.

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