RV (Recreational Vehicle) Insurance

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RV Insurance
What it is

From an insurance standpoint, your RV is kind of a unique risk in that it’s part auto and part home. An RV insurance policy helps you cover both in a comprehensive way.

A good auto insurance policy will address comprehensive, collision and liability. But what about the personal property inside the RV? These belongings, along with plumbing, furniture and appliances, etc., need to be covered by additional insurance that functions more like homeowners. This unique policy will vary depending on the value of the RV and the assets within it, as well as if your RV is your primary residence or used only recreationally.

RV Insurance
Why it's important

Of course you want protection if your RV suffers some kind of physical damage—or causes physical damage to someone else’s property. More importantly, though, is the fact that there are significant liability concerns for all types of RVs, such as:

  • Longer breaking distances, larger blind spots, and general difficulty in overall maneuverability
  • Higher centers of gravity, making them susceptible to high winds and prone to rollover accidents
  • No special training or permit required
  • Significant percentage of over-55 drivers, with potentially increased impairments to safe driving such as worsening vision, especially at night, and slower reaction times
Personal Insurance | Umbrella Insurance | RV Insurance
Personal Insurance | Umbrella Insurance | RV Insurance

RV Insurance
Getting the right coverage

Your risk is as unique as your RV and how you use it. So your policy should be as well. With our access to dozens of carriers, you can trust that we’ll review extensive options and find the program that’s the right fit for your needs.

As independent brokers, we work for our clients, not the insurance carriers.

And we’re dedicated to helping you get the coverage you need at the best rates possible.

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