Hurricane Preparedness Plan For Boats – Do You Have One?


We will discuss the importance of having a hurricane preparedness plan for boats and provide essential tips to help you create an effective strategy.

As hurricane season continues, boat owners face the potential risks and challenges that severe storms can bring. It is crucial for boaters to have a well-thought-out hurricane preparedness plan in place to protect their vessels. With the help of Travelers Insurance, we will discuss the importance of having a hurricane preparedness plan for boats and provide essential tips to help you create an effective strategy.

Understanding The Risks

Hurricanes can produce strong winds and storm surges that pose a serious threat to vessels. We will examine the potential effects on mooring systems, docks, and marinas. Flooding from excessive rainfall during hurricanes can have an impact on both on- and off-the-water vessels. We’ll discuss how crucial it is to shield boats from water infiltration and what can happen if we don’t.

Creating a Hurricane Preparedness Plan

Evacuation vs. Securing in Place
One of the first decisions to make is whether to evacuate your boat to a safer location or secure it in place. Some factors to consider when making this decision are the boat’s size, location, and local evacuation orders.
Securing Moorings and Dock Line

Your boat must be securely fastened if you want to keep it from drifting or becoming damaged during a storm. A crucial part of being prepared for severe weather is learning the best spots and methods for securing moorings and dock lines. This can also entail the use of double lines and suitable fendering.

Hauling Out

Hauling out your boat and storing it on land is a common strategy for hurricane preparedness. Finding a suitable storage facility and ensuring proper blocking and anchoring of the vessel is an important step to take.

Removing Equipment and Canvas

It is essential to remove all loose equipment, sails, and canvas from the boat before a hurricane hits. It’s an effective practice to create a checklist of items to remove or secure, while also considering the importance of reducing windage to minimize potential damage. 

Insurance Coverage and Documentation

Reviewing your boat insurance policy is crucial to understanding what is covered in the event of a hurricane. Preemptively bearing in mind the documentation of your boat’s condition before a storm and maintaining up-to-date insurance coverage is also highly recommended.

Emergency Contacts and Communication

Establishing an emergency contact list is essential for effective communication during a hurricane. Specifically, creating a list of important contacts, including local marinas, insurance providers, and emergency response agencies.

Having a well-prepared hurricane plan for your boat is essential to protect your valuable assets. By understanding the risks associated with hurricanes, making informed decisions, and implementing the appropriate strategies, you can minimize potential damage. Don’t wait until a storm is approaching—start developing your hurricane preparedness plan for your boat today.

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