Inland Marine Insurance – What’s Covered?


Insurance for the unique but prevalent inland marine risks of today. inland marine insurance protects business property transported on land

Inland marine insurance protects property that is transported on land for business purposes. This can include “inland” shipments of machinery, goods, components, and materials made by automobiles and trains. This includes construction, transportation, fine art, and renewable energy-related property owned or under a business’s care. With the help of Travelers Insurance, here is an explanation of what inland marine insurance is and what it can do for you.

What Exactly Is Inland Marine Insurance?

Material, goods, or equipment that moves, is transportable, or is necessary for communication or transportation are covered by inland marine insurance. This kind of insurance typically also covers items that belong to someone else, but are kept on the policyholder’s premises.

Coverage For Certain Situations

Items with significant value that are normally not covered by property insurance might alternatively be covered by inland marine insurance. The cost of repairing or replacing covered property that has been harmed by one of the covered occurrences, such as theft, fire, wind, hail, or water damage, is part of the coverage’s assistance. This kind of protection could also cover loss or damage brought on by negligence, accident, or in the event that anything goes missing for unknown reasons.

Inland Marine Insurance Most Commonly Provide For:

  • Transported property
  • Anything that moves goods or will be transported between locations
  • Radio, television, video, sound, or computer equipment
  • Electronics
  • Tools for diagnosing medical issues
  • Equipment for special events & parties
  • Collectible items and fine art
  • Windmills and solar panels
  • Miscellaneous property

Construction Insurance

Simply possessing property, operating a vehicle, owning a dog, boat, or pool, chaperoning children as a parent, posting a critical review online, or even running into some odd or unplanned circumstance such as getting into an accident while renting a car abroad, can put you in these scenarios. Large liability loss may occur for reasons other than just being wealthy or well-known.

Fine Art & Museum Insurance

People who oversee collections are passionate about the items under their care. Whether for a cultural institution, a sizable corporate collection, or the industry’s dealers and galleries, we understand and provide unmatched fine art coverage and services.

Renewable Energy Insurance

We will utilize renewable energy sources both now and in the future. We offer cutting-edge coverage and product options that safeguard financial investments in renewable energy sources and will change along with the industry.

Cargo, Logistics, and Transportation Insurance

Successful deliveries depend on the protection of cargo shipments during their travels. We provide protection for various companies engaged in organizing, handling, transporting & storing cargo.

Communications, Computerized Commercial Machinery, Medical Equipment, and Miscellaneous Property Insurance

We collaborate with clients to safeguard specialized assets, such as covering communication towers, bridges, computers, medical equipment, and gear used in sports and entertainment production.

This article’s hypothetical example claim is provided purely for educational reasons. Each claim is adjusted based on its own set of specific facts. Depending on the specifics of each claim, the policy’s terms, limitations, and exclusions will determine applicability. Reach out to The Feltner Group to start exploring your umbrella insurance policy options today!