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Ideas on how to manage your Workers’ Compensation Premiums

  “What are these rates and where do they actually come from?” is a common question we hear when going through an initial workers’ compensation quote with a start-up business (to be honest, we hear this from established businesses too!). So we do our level best to fully explain the ins and outs of workers’…

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Auto Insurance Premiums—Why Do They Keep Rising?

  If you’ve asked yourself this question in recent years as your rates have gone up, there are a variety of factors that have played into these increases. First and foremost, we are a nation of distracted drivers. Accidents involving distracted driving have risen 15%+ since 2011. With more accidents come more claims. Second, repairs…

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It’s Not Life or Death… but Life Insurance is Highly Undervalued

  It is certainly not an everyday occurrence, but we have been thinking about/talking about life insurance a lot lately.  We have written policies for key man insurance and buy-sell agreements for several commercial clients.  In addition, a couple of our own staff and their spouses have added extra coverage in the past year. Admittedly,…

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