Risk Management: Are You Prepared?


Whether you’re building your first brewery, expanding your existing operations or just keep trucking in your current facility, you’ll likely encounter questions you don’t always have the answers to. Whether you realize it or not, many of them probably pertain to risk management and controlling your losses.

If you’re in the planning and building phase, you may be asking yourself if you are properly protected from the risks of the build out and the contractors that are performing all the work? Or maybe you’re contemplating what kind of boiler to invest in for your system and how to properly maintain it? Let’s say you’re expanding and have decided to incorporate a larger food service side to the business, have the new servers you’ve hired been properly TIPS trained? Does everyone on your staff know about proper food handling and food storage? And if you’re just staying put, perhaps the questions are as simple as: Should I be batch coding, or, do I need a pest management program?

In short, there may not be a day that goes by where there isn’t an issue or concern that you need to get answers for. Hopefully you have a trusted team of advisors, from your attorney to your insurance agent to other brewers and business owners to help shed light on these subjects. And if not, give us a call.

This article first appeared on the website of the New York State Brewers Association. Read the original post here.