Why You Should Stay In Touch with Your Insurance Agent

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No life is static, which means no insurance policy should be either. Get to know your insurance agent and discover the benefits that come with keeping them up-to-date with your life and/or business. 

Lives change and businesses transform over time, and it’s important to make sure insurance needs are met at every stage in the journey. Given this, we firmly believe people are best served by independent insurance agents who have the expertise to evaluate an evolving risk profile and offer educated advice and products. We feel that building a relationship with an independent agent in your community is the best way to get a personal experience that ensures you’re offered the right coverage. 

Before we get into the benefits of using an independent agent over an online platform or quoting system, it’s important to remember that, at its core, insurance is a business relationship. With the help of The Cincinnati Insurance Companies, join us as we discuss the benefits of developing this relationship.


At a high level, independent agents represent multiple carriers with a variety of coverages and terms to choose from. An agent will listen and get to know you. Then, they’ll offer you choices based on your circumstances. This individual attention brings additional value. And, given how confusing insurance-speak can be, it’s not unusual for first-time insurance buyers to be in need of the guidance and risk assessment an independent agent can offer.

We live in a complex world, and online quoting platforms lack the consideration, expertise, and emotional IQ that independent agents bring to each client. Consider homeowner insurance, for example. Far more goes into determining the true cost to rebuild a home than the facts captured through a quick online questionnaire. It’s the deeper questions an agent asks that often reveal the client’s home’s unique and special features, such as highly customized buildouts, carefully selected fixtures, and other structural details.


Regular contact with your local, independent New York insurance agents can reveal changes to your risk profile. Check-in annually with your agent and have a conversation as part of your policy renewal. You may discover you’ve made some changes that are relevant to coverage, like:

  • Renovations, additions, or new appliances that require additional coverage
  • Changes to driver status or garaging of cars by children at locations other than the home address
  • Purchases made that the homeowner policy doesn’t cover
  • Participation in ride-share services or renting a portion of the home


Business clients evolve, too – whether growing or scaling back – and annual discussions around coverage are critical. Risk profiles will change with new endeavors, partnerships, investments, and growth. Your independent agent’s ability to identify these risks and explain them surpasses the capabilities of a direct quote experience.

Discuss changes in your business that could alter your risk profile by reviewing:

  • Business income
  • Cyber risk
  • Buildings and property enhancements
  • Workforce
  • Transportation
  • Product liability

If you’re on the hunt for reputable New York insurance agents and are local to the greater Rochester area, consider reaching out to The Feltner Group. We’re looking forward to getting to know you and your unique situation to ensure you have all of the coverage you need (and none that you don’t)! And, as independent agents, we work for you, not the insurance companies.