How To Get Your Snowmobile Ready For Winter

Learn how to get your snowmobile ready for winter with our comprehensive list of essential tasks.

As the season begins to change and the cooler weather rolls in, some people are content to stay indoors and cozy up next to the fire with a good book. But for others, it’s time to get excited – because winter is on the way and it’s time to break out the snowmobiles. With the help of Cincinnati Insurance Companies, here are some handy tips on how to get your snowmobile ready for winter.


Taking it to a mechanic is a great idea, but inspecting your snowmobile for any signs of damage is also important. Do an overall inspection of the snowmobile’s parts. This would include looking for cracks, excessive wear and tear, rust, and anything that might have come loose. In the event there are any visual cues indicating some maintenance issues, you will want to get it to a mechanic before riding.

Check fluid levels

Beyond the visual inspection, you should also check the fluids such as gas, brake fluid, and coolant. Empty any remaining fluid left over from last year and refill it. Also, check the battery to ensure it is not discolored, broken, or warped.

In addition to checking the fluids in your snowmobile, you should not forget to check the oil in your engine. This is a step that can be overlooked, but to avoid stalling, you should ensure your oil is filled to the appropriate level. If you are not sure where this is, consult your owner’s manual or take it to your local mechanic. While doing this, it is also a good idea to check any fittings or cables and add any lubricant, if needed

Evaluate the engine

Checking that carburetors are clean is important as dirty ones are a main cause of engine failure. Also, snowmobilers should make sure that the throttle, oil cables, fan, and water pump belt are in good condition and without cracks.

Examine the skis

Since skis are an important piece of the snowmobile, they should be checked not only for any holes, cuts or gouges, but to ensure that the runners are aligned straight.

Test the steering and break

Testing the steering can easily be done at home. Simply turn the handlebars back and forth to ensure there is no tightness and it moves freely.

If you can easily get to your brake pads without taking your mobile apart, observe if the pads look worn or if the disc is damaged, you will need to replace your brake pads before riding. While it may cost more money than you might want to spend, hiring a professional to complete this for you will save you time and headaches.

Final Notes

While you may only use your snowmobile a handful of times during the season, you can prepare yourself and make sure you know how to get your snowmobile ready for winter. 

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