How To Rent A Car With Confidence


Learn how to rent a car with confidence by understanding the importance of auto insurance. 

If you plan to use a rental car during your trip, learning a little bit about auto insurance could keep you worry-free and save you money. If your own policy already offers the coverage you require, you may be able to save money by declining the insurance provided by the rental company. With the help of The Cincinatti Insurance Companies, let’s delve into why commercial auto insurance can benefit you.


Only if you already have collision coverage on your own vehicles, subject to the policy deductible, do some personal auto policies cover collision losses to rental cars. Other policies provide “first-dollar” liability coverage for rented cars. This means you have no deductible to pay in the event of a covered loss.


You might be held accountable for any injuries sustained as well as any vehicle damage if you cause an accident while operating a rental car. Additionally, if the rental car is damaged, you could be held liable for the agency’s lost revenue. While the rental is in your possession, you could be held liable for losses other than collisions.


The use of a rental car within the United States may be covered for drivers already listed on your personal auto policy. However, if the rental agreement places restrictions on who may operate the vehicle, be aware of them. You might not be covered if you let someone else drive the car because some personal auto policies depend on the terms of the rental agreement. And if you don’t have a personal auto policy, you might have no choice but to use the rental company’s insurance.


By increasing your liability coverage, an umbrella policy can help you protect your interests even more. Additionally, the umbrella may broaden your coverage area beyond that of your auto policy. However, you might need to buy the insurance provided by the rental agency if you’re going abroad. Other countries might not accept your American policy. Other vehicle types, vans, and trucks under a certain weight limit, may also be covered by your personal auto policy.

You can trust The Feltner Group to assist you in determining your coverage requirements and checking for policy gaps. Make sure you have the appropriate auto coverage in place as you get ready to travel.